East St Louis Sr High School
Class of 1978
Stonewolf Golf Club - August 8, 2013
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Stonewolf Golf Club
The Honorable Judge :)
Arriving @ the All White Party
Trena & Linda
Sherrie & Sharon
Sherrie Branch- Committee President (KUDOS!! to her & her committee)
The Photographer
Danny Carpenter and Kevin Edwards
Darryl & Gwen
Danny and Candyce
Enjoying the Night
Candyce & Robin
Darryl & Amos
Enjoying the Night
Enjoying the Night
Don & his wife Beverly
Amos & Barbara
the Ray's
Barbara P. & Trena
Jammin' on the Dance Floor
Jammin' on the Dance Floor
Enjoying the Night
The Men of Class '78
Cheryl (the singer, she be jammin')
Kevin & Danny chillin'
Committee Assistants (Thank you so much! )
Enjoying the Night
Ladies of '78
Jimmie !!!
Danny B & Kim
Dancin' the Night Away!
"The Orr Weathers Crew" (life time friends)
The Orr Weathers Crew with Todd :)
Trena, Don, Barb, Robin, Amos, Todd, Candyce
Alvin & Angelita
David, Phyllis, & Lorenzo
Candyce & Phyllis
Dominic & Darryl
Sherrie enjoying the Night
Candyce & Danny - "The Prom Pose" :)
Men of '78
Men of '78
Enjoying the Night !
Barb & Amos jammin'
Darryl & Gwen (Love Birds) ;)
Rose, Janice, Kim, Mary and Barbara
Carla, Rose, Mary and Debra
Rose, Debra, Kim and Janice
WoW!! What a Night of Fun!
Great!! "Get Acquainted Night"
The "Bomb" - Good Night
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